Thursday, October 20, 2016

“...if  you don’t believe in evolution, then I think that you should raise chickens.

Seriously, I raised chickens in my youth, and my father continued to do so for decades. I learned a lot about the inheritance of ancestral characteristics when talking with chicken farmers, and a lot about the forces of natural selection watching the roosters and hens in the yard.

Did you know that there are hundreds of varieties of chickens in the world right now, and that some factory farms only raise and sell first-generation hybrids? This is done so that they can unnaturally select which of the usual breeding characteristics are expressed in the chickens they end up with, without having to worry about whether or not the genes combine well beyond the first generation.

You can learn a lot about evolution from farmers. It’s one of the tools that they’ve been using for thousands of years.”

an excerpt from:
“The Evolution of Humans and Technology, 

Part 1: Humans”chapter four of the book 
“Anthropology-Based Computing: Putting 
the Human in Human-ComputerInteraction”